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A stylistically unique Rock Band from day one!!! We’re doing everything in our power to push our product and gain as many listeners as we can. We are an independent, small town Canadian band that believes we have something people will love. It’s something that catches the ear and sticks with you. We have the talent, we have the songs and we have the passion... All our fans know what happens when you mix all the hard rocking, panty dropping, ass-kickery of Metallica, Motorhead, Volbeat and Godsmack together with two country boys and a Newfie? Things just


We are a 3 piece trio composed by

Kevin Shushmaruk (Lead singer/Guitar)

Ben Tredger (Bass/Backup Vocal)

Chad Montague (Drums).


BEN is a multi talented sexy piece of ass that grew up playing guitar and rockin it out in a few other bands while living in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Hes been doing everything from playing solo shows, band gigs, and killing the DJ life. He loves to eat anything that's living and nothing that living things eat. He's a pure whisky whore that will indulge in the sweet Canadian nectar called Royal Reserve while slapping the shit out of those low end metal Bass strings.

He is the backbone.

CHAD is from North West River, Labrador. It rests on the east coast of Canada. He's a little short but packs a mean punch. He was raised with a family that was born to play music. Give Chad a guitar, Bass guitar or a set of drums and he can play it. He took his east coast style drumming and twisted it with Hard Rock just to help mold himself as a drummer and help create the band we are. Give him a few drinks and you better have you ears open because you'll probably never understand him, but one of the best men to have your 6. 

KEVIN has always been an Alberta boy. Born and raised baby!!! At a young age he has always had a passion for music. He started a band back in 1997 with his brother, but sadly came to an end because of a death of their drummer putting a huge hold on the music seen for Kevin. Things just came together in time and FALL INTO PLACE was born. The best way to sum up Kevin is he loves to torment the ones who are closest to him and make the people who don't know him as uncomfortable as possible. Give him the stage and he will give you a show.


We are FALL INTO PLACE!!! We love to support fellow musicians and bands that we cross paths with. Support is everything in this industry so we treat people like how we would like to be treated. Come out to our shows and have a beer with us. We love every one of our fans!! 

                          Thank you all!!!!                          

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